The Lion's Share Cape

The Lion's Share Cape

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Created as an ode to the LotR's WitchKing, this elaborate, distressed and shredded cloak is an amazing addition to any theatrical, cosplay, or Halloween event. The cloak is created from a variety of fabric including light-weight polyester knits, sheer distressed cotton, and black/gray tie dye blends.

The cloak has hidden arm slits and sleeves and can be worn with or without the use of said slits and sleeves. The hood has a cowl that can cover the face, shadowing the face in dark while allowing the wearer to easily see. When the cowl is not in use it can be folded back into the hood. The cloak clasp can be changed to fit the wearers personality or themed need.

Please understand that this is a heavy cloak, with tremendous movement and theatrical capabilities.

XXL and above may require an additional "at cost" fabric fee.

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