The "King's Gold" Men's Cape

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This fabulous period piece is a representation of a royal garb from the Renaissance, Medieval, Gothic, or Elizabethan periods.

The cape is created with a luscious and flowing black stretch velvet that is trimmed in gold and black with a touch of royal purple. The fabric may be velvet but it is very easy to maintain, holds its form very well, is light-weight for easy wear, and does not crush when sat upon. It is the perfect fabric for an active cosplay or themed festival.

The lovely thing about this piece is that we can alter the trim to conform to your likes and/or to your specific time period or theme. We can also exchange the closure with something more feminine and the cape will work beautifully for any female cosplay or formal event as well.

Note - for an additional charge, faux fur can be added to the shoulders of this cape for a more "Game of Thrones" look.

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