Ode to The

Ode to The "Real" Batman Cape

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This amazing cape is created from a spectacular faux leather from Arizona Leather - Black in color. The fabric is butter soft and somewhat light-weight with just enough weight to it to move freely and flow well. The feel is soft and pliable and the look is pure genuine hence, the price of the cape reflects the price and quality of the fabric.

The cape is eight panels, with a high neckline that can be worn easily under your cowl keeping the cape in place and secure. It also comes with posing sticks for amazing photo results and a dramatic cosplay situation.

All items are custom made for your unique size. Sizes in excess of XXL may require an "at cost" fabric charge increase.

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If you have any questions about this product, or if you would like to discuss the possibility of allowing me to help bring to life your own vision for a magnificent fabric piece, please do not hesitate to contact me here

Please note: This is not a licensed, manufactured, or mass produced item. This item does not exist in standing inventory, and comes to life only when specifically ordered by a customer. Also, this piece is subject to our creative inclinations, as well as those of the customer, with whom a collaborative process ensues after purchase to construct a piece that satisfies his/her unique size and style specifications. All pieces represented in our shop are of our own creation, with the vast majority not inspired by any popularly-known image or likeness. Neither The Wishmaster’s Capes and Costumes nor Elegant Capes by Dallas, LLC owns any non-proprietary image(s) and/or likeness(es); therefore, ownership of said image(s) and/or likeness(es) is not implied, and should not be inferred. Upon customer request, this item is made and sold solely as a tribute piece for which an apparent image and/or likeness may have served as inspiration. Any payment received is exclusively for materials and workmanship. We have no interest in misleading anyone on the subject of any pieces that appear to be inspired by a popularly-known image or likeness, particularly given that most of our work is not so inspired; if you ARE seeking official, licensed items of any kind, or otherwise manufactured, mass produced items, this is not the shop for you.

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